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Employees are the best tool in the fight for good Customer Services

October 25, 2011

Collectively SIR Management has over 2200 employees within our consulting facilities. Each and every employee plays a role in the success (or failure) of a facility’s operation. I see this when I visit facilities; the CNA who spends a little extra time with a resident who is nervous about her upcoming Doctor visit, the Activity Aide who works one on one with a resident who doesn’t like to participate in group activities, and the housekeeper who talks and visits with residents while he cleans their rooms. All of them are examples of a good employees, and employees we are proud to have working with us.

In addition to the good employees often there are the exceptional employees- the employees that not only go above and beyond but will do whatever they need to do to make the lives of our residents better; the CNA who shops resale shops on her own time to gather winter coats for residents that don’t have one, the Nurse who walked several miles to get to work in a snowstorm, the PRSC who tirelessly works with a resident to find their long lost loved one before the resident dies. These are examples of exceptional employees. Employees that not only give a 100% but are giving 110%. When I hear about these employees and their stories it warms my heart and reminds me why I got into this business years ago- to make a difference in the lives of others and these employees surely do make a difference.

Each year our facilities select an employee of the year from the winners of the facility’s employee of the month. These dedicated, hard-working people are staff members to be proud of and honored. Each Administrator submits a summary of why they believe their employee should become the SIR Management Employee of the Year, now established in 2011 called

The Burton Behr Memorial- SIR Management Employee of the Year Award.

Burton Behr was a friend, mentor, partner and my brother-in law who worked for SIR Management and died in 2010. Burton understood well the value of good and exceptional employees and continued to push our facilities to providing the best customer service in every area within our operation. The renaming of this award is my tip of my hat to a gentleman who understood our business, who understood that you can’t have good customer services without good employees.

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